How to Use Custom Car Models Trackmania 2 Stadium

After lots of looking on how to get this going appropriately I decided to post a quick how-to on getting a custom 3D car model going in TM2 Stadium. It’s actually much easier than it seems, so here we go!

  1. Locate your StadiumCar folder. It should be in your Documents folder under “ManiaPlanet” then in Skins, then Models. (Typical path on Windows 7 is Documents\ManiaPlanet\Skins\Models\StadiumCar). If this folder does not exist, create it.
  2. Next, locate the model that you would like to use (ManiaPark is a good resource for this). You need both the .zip AND the .loc (locator) files.
  3. Place BOTH files (the .zip and the .loc) in the StadiumCar folder identified above.
  4. If TrackMania 2 is open, close it now and restart it. If it’s closed, open it. This is required to allow the game to find the new files.
  5. FIREWALL & Port Forward!!!
    1. You will need to make sure that your firewall and port forwards have the following ports and protocols forwarded and unblocked to your computer in order for the skin to work:
    2. 2350 UDP & TCP
    3. 3450 UDP & TCP
  6. Now go into Stadium, then click on “Profile.”
  7. Next click on “Models.”
  8. Now select the appropriate model you want (they show up in the beginning of the list (all the way to the left)).
  9. Hit back to the main menu.
  10. ENJOY!

NOTE: These models aren’t small and will take time for other users to download them, until which time they will see a silver F1 car. This is normal and will resolve itself as the model is downloaded by other users.

Hope this helps someone else figure this out!

  • Zammy

    hey its not working.. can i take skin from tmu or isn’t that possible?

    • As long as all the files are there, it should work just fine. As a note, others won’t be able to see your model right away, that will take a while to load, but you should see it when you go into a map if you’ve followed everything correctly.

      • d

        tmu models don’t work on tm2. they won’t upload to the others at least.

        • It takes a LONG time for the models to upload. Sometimes to the tune of days for them to be fully downloaded by the other clients. That’s just the nature of the sharing. If you can see your model, you’ve done it correctly to use the model at least.

  • majormak2000

    did no under stand the firewll part

    • You can use google to find how to open the ports in your firewall and how to port forward in your particular router. I excluded these steps due to the number of possible combinations.

  • rich

    did the ports
    did what you said, and still wont show up on profile

    • If you can see it yourself, you’ve done it correctly, if not, check to make sure you followed all the steps appropriately.

  • Vilix

    Guys I can see the car in my profiles but I can only see the default car in grey not the actual car, and I think that is when I click on “download” for the car it doesn’t come up with anything, so I used the template and the other one below download, now it still doesn’t work. Someone help?

    • almostar

      To get the .ZIP file, you need to allow the pop-up window with the browser.

    • hondadax222

      Take download-file and location-file, open downloads and copy both, one by one, and bring them in the map Maniaplanet, skins

  • fire399

    PLEASE someone help. I have a similar problem as Vilix, but my car just shows up as grey. I’ve done everything the instructions said, but my is grey, and not showing up at all as the car i want. ??? HELP

  • RacerFTW

    SOMEBODY!!! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!! Okay, every time I put the .zip file (the car I want) and the loc file, I open up Maniaplanet, and nothing shows up at all. Even the gray car, did I do something wrong? PLUS! I have the Maniaplanet free version with all titles. Someone, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve been waiting for car models to work SO LONG now.

  • Lemmertz

    Ok, but the other players can see the car online?

  • Ludas Games

    I can not click on the models

  • Tobias

    How long does it take for the car to turn cool, instead of keep being normal silver car?

  • 1ng0


  • mihail1915

    I can’t press the models button as well. Does somebody knows why is that?