Logitech Momo Review

March 10, 2011 @ 23:01 - Michael

Categories: tech geek Reviews

I was recently alerted to an unbeatable deal on a Logitech Momo Racing Wheel and Pedals. A friend of mine found a set, in presumably working condition, at a local Goodwill store. After I did a bit of on the fly research and investigation, I figured it was an unbeatable deal and had him pick it up for me.

I've been using this for over 2 months now and the only bad word(s) I have about it, is the lack of a clutch pedal. This was my first true force feedback wheel and after my first 2 days of getting used to the feedback, I'll never use anything else again. This setup was in nearly mint condition, with only very very minor scratches on the bottom of the wheel setup from being put on/off a desk/table. The rubber on the wheel was in excellent condition and the reverse, retractable as well, carpet grip on the bottom of the pedals is amazing at keeping it from sliding across the floor, far better than the setup from my old Thrustmaster wheel.

On to the actual use...The setup is relatively easy, a cord from the wheel to the PC (USB), a cord from the pedals to the wheel (7-pin plug), and a wall power adapter to plug into the wheel. It's a few cords to push out of the way, but not too bad. The installation of the software was simple, it's Logitech software, so it's a bit bloated, but it works well and it's easy to configure extra macros, mappings, etc. I've used this in both Need for Speed Shift and Test Drive Unlimited 2. I must say that it's an awesome wheel and works very well out of the box. With Shift I had no problems and didn't need to modify any settings to be usable, but with TDU2 I had to mess with the steering sensitivities, deadzones, etc to get it the way I'd expect the wheel to react. With both games the pedals worked perfect out of the box. The feedback is nice and strong, the vibration doesn't feel too artificial, it adds just enough to give you a good feeling. It is all very customizable via the Logitech software and in every game I used it with.

I would absolutely recommend this wheel and pedals for both the entry level and seasoned driver. It might not have all the bells and whistles (read clutch pedal, H-shifter), but it has enough to suffice for nearly every game and every style. I will admit, mine was a steal at $15, but I would gladly pay much more for the quality and functionality of this wheel.