August 30, 2008 @ 03:15 - Michael

Categories: FunnyLife

Offy: the case says mobo size can fit is 10x12.5 my mobo is 12 x 8 will that work?
Offy: or can I not flip my mobo around
Michael: offy...think about that
Michael: seriously
Michael: please
Offy: but idk if I can flip the mobo around becasue of the ports or whatever
Michael: just think about it offy
Offy: also it would of been easy for you to say yes or no instead of those 3 lines of stuff
Offy: 4 lines
Michael: the ports on the mobo have to go out the back, as well as the Expansion slots needing to be lined up with the case....
Offy: so I can't
Offy: fuck building computers, so much shit to check for like size and ddr2 ddr3 and stuff like that RAWR