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Debate about Abortion position (It is a good read, just long)

Michael Secord is me….obviously.


12:46pm Feb 26th

Abortion is a direct statement to how our society and country view life. That just because it was born from an unfortunent circumstance means we can just slaughter it. And I do mean slaughter it. I have wanted to be a father my entire life and I take serious offence to the idea that people agree to killing children just because they dont want it or didnt intend on having it. Im not pushing out the idea of adoption, thats a perfectly fine answer to the rape case. AND it doesnt involve murder. Thats the part people try to run away from. Roe vs. Wade came at a time when we didnt know how developed a fetus or embryo is at certain stages. We knew some things but not nearly as much as now. We can even take 4-D photos at any stage and get a perfect picture of the child. I dare say most abortions occur after the embryo period, meaning after 8 weeks. And like my note said, the child gets a heartbeat at 5 weeks. How is that not murder? People look at it from the wrong angle. So a child is born because of rape- they have the chance of being put into an adoption home. People in africa are born into poverty and starvation every day and no one would agree to killing them. Now did you actually read my note or just notice it was on abortion and decided to chime in. Because the facts in there are disgusting. Continue reading